Physical Therapy Services

All services are provided by or under the direct supervision of licensed healthcare professionals. We are Medicare certified outpatient facility and accept most major PPO insurance policies. Please note that most insurances require a referral from a physician.


Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on treating conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, for example sprains, strains, post-fracture aftercare, post-operative conditions, spinal conditions, tendinitis or bursitis.

Sports Injuries

Seven Oaks Physical Therapy treats common sports injuries that may include knee, shoulder, hip or ankle injuries, swollen muscles, shin splints, biomechanical injuries, overuse or dislocations.

Neurological Conditions

Neurological physical therapy restores strength, balance, movement and prevents further deterioration. Some of the conditions we treat on a daily basis are Multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, cognitive diseases, vestibular or gait, and balance disorders.

Other Services

Acute/Chronic Pain Conditions

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If you have acute or chronic pain, your physical therapist will design a treatment program to fit your specific needs, which may include manual (hands-on) therapy, modalities and exercise program specific to your condition. Physical therapist will help identify the injured tissue (eg, bone, muscle, tendon) and plan treatment to help promote healing and reduce stress on the injured area.


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A Pilates based flexibility, spinal stabilization and core-strengthening program is frequently a component of our spinal rehabilitation program. Training the patient in the proper “neutral spine” position is an integral part of the Pilates rehabilitation program. This knowledge and training provides the patient with the understanding and muscle memory to maintain a proper neutral spine position during normal activities of daily living.

Oncology Rehab

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We provide physical therapy for patients undergoing cancer treatment as well as cancer survivors. A program is designed to address your reduced stamina, strength and improve your ability to perform normal activities of daily living.

Joint Replacements

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Post-operative rehabilitation is extremely important for a successful outcome following joint replacement surgery. Your specific rehab program may include managing pain, reduce swelling, improve range of motion, restore strength and normal function, and initiate exercise program.

MedX Rehab

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MedX lumbar and cervical spinal extensor muscle strengthening is an important component to our spinal rehab program. MedX addresses and improves specific deficits and spinal strength, stability and range of motion. Your physical therapist can assess and determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for this specific modality.


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The most frequent condition treated is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Your physical therapist will evaluate and assess your specific vertigo. The most common treatment for this condition is the use of Epley or Semont maneuvers.


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We provide orthopedic physical therapy for children over 4 years old. This may include conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system such as torticollis, sprains, strains, post-operative conditions or post-fracture after care.

Women's Health

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Primary medical issues your physical therapist addresses may include urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, behavioral therapy, prolapse or chronic pelvic pain.

Golf Mechanics

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Poor golf mechanics places significant stress on the lower back as well as other joints. Our golf program includes an analysis of your spine and joint mobility as well as posture. Your physical therapist will initiate a specific range of motion, flexibility, posture and golf mechanics program.

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