Sports Injuries

Types of Sports Injuries

We treat common sports injuries that may include knee, shoulder, hip or ankle injuries, swollen muscles, shin splints, biomechanical injuries, overuse or dislocations.

Sports injuries are very common in organized sports, competitions, training or performing fitness activities. Injuries often happen due to trauma, overuse, fatigue, poor training methods or lack of proper warm up. Physical therapy may help you recover from an injury, manage pain and prevent future injuries.




Sports Injury Treatment

Physical therapist will help identify and avoid painful movements to allow the inflamed tendon to heal. Ice, ice massage, moist heat, ultrasound or other modalities may be used to manage pain. In severe cases it may be necessary to rest and not perform work or sport activities that continue causing pain and may slow recovery process. Physical therapist may use manual techniques, range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises or functional training as symptoms improve. 

Most importantly your physical therapist will educate you and suggest adjustments to how you perform various tasks, make suggestions to improve your form and reduce any chance of future injury. Adjustments made for example in your golf swing, throwing techniques or any other work task can help reduce pressure placed on certain areas of your body.